Frequently Asked Questions

what areas do you service?

  • Belle Musique Entertainment supplies entertainment throughout the state of Victoria, Australia. Our main clients come from the Greater Melbourne area, including the Bellarine and Mornington Peninsulas, plus other major regional centres such as Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo.

how do I enquire?

  • go to Bookings/Enquiry page for a general enquiry
  • go to performer profile and click 'Send a booking enquiry regarding this performer'
  • add band(s) to hotlist (in each performer profile). Visit your hotlisted bands (click on My Hotlist). From here you may listen and review the selected performers, and then click on Send Enquiry when you have made a decision.
  • Contact us directly via email at info(at), or call us on +61 (0) 409 172 900.

what should I expect from the performer/group?

  • Belle Musique Entertainment will supply entertainment for any occasion, no matter how large or small, private or business/corporate, in any range of venues from function centres to the forest!
  • Most performers carry Public Liability Insurance (if required)
  • Performers will be dressed appropriately for the event
  • Performers will have professional equipment that is in good working order
  • Performers will have backup equipment where necessary
  • Not all performers will bring a microphone and sound system for speeches eg. a string quartet, however this is usually available upon request
  • Performers who do supply a sound system will have appropriate iPod/mp3 music for breaks however it is worth mentioning if you require them to fulfil this role
  • Groups may not appear with all the members or the same members pictured in their promotional photographs. This is common where many jazz and classical groups have a flexible lineup; and may also occur due to illness or other reasons for absence eg. touring commitments
  • Sets normally last for 45-50min with breaks lasting 15-20min, however feel free to liaise with performer to tailor their sets to suit your event
  • Our performers have many years' experience and have performed at a variety of events and locations
  • Fees vary between performers and can include extras such as travel; sound system (PA hire), lights and/or staging; preparation of songs etc. Quotes are always specific to the event. You may want to mention your budget and something can be suggested to suit in most cases.
  • Most performers are flexible to play overtime for an extra fee; this can be negotiated at the performance. Please direct all business matters to the band leader. Changes to playing times and/or fees prior to the event need to be organised through the Agency
  • Many performers have public gigs that can be attended. It is generally not acceptable for clients to attend rehearsals, however most performers are available to meet and talk through the details of the event (where necessary)
  • Set up time can vary from 15 min (eg. classical ensemble) to 2-4 hours (full band and production). Please mention this in your enquiry should it be pertinent to your running order
  • Requirements/provisions for most bands include: standard 240v power; protection from the elements/shade; storage space for cases etc/dressing room
  • Provision of water, tea and coffee is usually provided by clients. For performances 3 hours or longer, or for performances requiring an hour or more travel, provision of main meals or equivalent is usually requested
  • If any problems arise that cannot be sorted out in the first instance with the band leader, please contact Belle Musique Entertainment immediately. All feedback is warmly received
  • Deposits are non-refundable, unless otherwise agreed
  • Performers can almost always learn a special/specific song(s). This is usually dependent upon the instrumentation of the group; the amount of notice given and the availability of sheet music and/or a recording of the version. There are many classics that are easy to adopt, however more obscure songs may require more time and dedicated rehearsal(s)
  • You may provide a 'play' or 'don't play' songlist, however it cannot be assured that all the songs on the 'play' list will be heard or performed. Further consultation with the performer about their repertoire can ensure that your music needs are met
  • All jazz performers can play dinner/background music, and most are able to include some pop/rock selections suitable for dancing. Please mention this in your enquiries
  • For any requests on the day such as inappropriate volume levels, imminent speeches etc, performers can be approached by you or venue staff during performance. Please try and direct all requests to the band leader
  • Performers are usually amenable to having guest(s) of the function 'sit in' with the band, however this would normally be worked out during a break or preferably prior to the day