This includes jazz from the 1930s to current day, and covers anything from Ella Fitzgerald, to Miles Davis to more contemporary artists such as Michael Bublé. Great as a feature or simply as background music. Usually a mix of swing, Latin, ballads and funkier repertoire and can include vocals, saxophone or trumpet over a rhythm section of piano or guitar, double bass and drums. A wide range of sub-styles, tempos and moods, there is definitely something here for everyone!

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Traditional Jazz

Traditional Jazz is early jazz from around the 1920s developed in the cities of New Orleans and Chicago, and can be known by terms such as Dixieland, Ragtime or simply 'Trad'. Artists such as Louis Armstrong, and songs such as 'When The Saints Go Marching In' typify this style.

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Big Band

Speaks for itself really, but a Big Band can be a number of things. Big, bold and brassy, or laid back, sophisticated and smooth, or anything in between. Big Band jazz originated in the 30s by artists such as Glenn Miller, Count Basie and Duke Ellington but has progressed through each age to reflect the times, the developments in music, and society as a whole. Most Big Bands play a mix of instrumental and vocal repertoire and will usually include swing, ballads, Latin and funkier tunes, all in that inimitable style, depth and power that can only be achieved with a large group.

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