Hot Club Swing

Hot Club Swing performs an exciting and highly infectious style of music that could be best described as French Gypsy Jazz. The music draws from an exotic palate of classical, jazz and gypsy influences, painting on a canvas that can be eloquently French, starkly rustic or darkly and romantically gypsy. The group is mainly inspired by the virtuosic Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli, who originated this acoustic music in 1930’s Paris.

As a result of many showcase performances, Hot Club Swing has built a dedicated and diverse audience, which is always eager to return to an evening of this captivating music accompanied by the indulgences of a la carte dining and fine wine. The group has also been featured at many weddings, corporate and government functions, adding that sought after ambience.

Quintet - vocals, violin, lead guitar, double bass, rhythm guitar or cocktail drumkit
Quartet - violin, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, double bass (traditional instrumental lineup)

"Hot Club Swing capture a warm, swinging all-string sound taking audience hearts and imaginations captive....the band's intuitive and empathic interplay is a feature of their live set." The Age.

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