Georgia Brooks

Imbued with a decidedly vintage tone, a natural elegance and a great respect for the classic repertoire of the 1920s and 30s, Georgia is just at home singing alongside a guitar or piano as she is with her full complement of musicians.

After years of classical training and the subsequent move into teaching, Georgia then made the foray into the world of swing & jazz, picking it up with ease and in doing so discovered a natural flair for interpreting many of the well known (and some lesser-known) works of the early twentieth century, adding her own touch of fun and sophistication.

A swing dance teacher in her own right, Georgia has a great command of melody, harmony & rhythm and can really make a song groove, effortlessly blending in with her accomplished sidemen. Available as a 2-6pc group and with options for a swing dance lesson, Georgia looks and sounds the part, perfect for any modern or vintage occasion!

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