Carl Pannuzzo

Carl Pannuzzo, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, autodidact, songwriter and educator, is in demand nationally and internationally, performing/recording with many artists and projects as varied as Bob Sedergreen, Mia Dyson, Paul Grabowsky, Vika and Linda Bull, Opera Australia, Casey Bennetto, Cirque du Soleil, Tripod, Checkerboard Lounge, Acapelicans and Music Outback.

As an original creator and interpreter of soul and blues classics, Carl is recognised as a sensitive, dynamic and fearless singer, a quickfire musical mind and affable and engaging stage presence. Carl enjoys being a messenger for the articulate truth of music and delivers it with a balance of respect and abandon.

"Australia's best kept secret" (Clare Bowditch)

When he sings – he invests himself in every line, his voice moving freely and almost unconsciously as it forms unusual shapes and textures…(a) vocalist who can swoop around the melody like a horn player’ (Jessica Nicholas: The AGE)

Available as a soloist, duo or band.

Video (duo)

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