B-3 Breakout

B-3 Breakout is a band that was formed in the spirit of the classic organ trios of the 60’s and beyond. Each player is a professional musician having diverse backgrounds in a variety of bands and genres of music. They have also worked as sidemen for local and international acts.

The band serves as a bridge connecting the genres of Blues, Gospel, R&B, and Jazz. They draw their influences from the great organ trios of Jimmy Smith, Richard Groove Holmes, and Don Patterson. These trios were blessed with guitarists such as George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Grant Green, Pat Martino, and Kenny Burrell. B-3 Breakout’s song list contains a mix of instrumental tunes with classic vocal songs reminiscent of the vocal stylings of Georgie Fame or George Benson.          

The band has recorded one CD, titled ”In a Bad Way”, which included four original vocal and three instrumental tunes.

B-3 Breakout perform mostly as a trio, but they can also scale down to a duo which is ideally suited to smaller venues with limited stage areas and volume requirements. The band also has the ability to augment its line up with the addition of guest vocalists or instrumentalists.

Video sampler (live) https://youtu.be/FgF-e4jQHNs
Video sample (studio) https://youtu.be/aaDTvrgOb9s

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