Amelia Guzheng

Amelia is a Guzheng performer and Guzheng coach, based in Melbourne.
Amelia graduated from the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts (NACTA) with a major in Musicology. She has been playing Guzheng since she was 10 years old and has a wealth of stage experience as a performing artist, with hundreds of appearances in a wide range of public forums.

Amelia has been playing traditional Guzheng music for many years. Since she has moved to Australia, and through influence by Western culture and music, she has begun playing guzheng in non-traditional styles, such as playing guzheng alongside guitar, piano etc.

She says: "The guzheng fuses instrumental and decorative art to form an important and beautiful part of Chinese culture. I am very appreciative of the fact that I can bring this beautiful sound to the world."

Other than her regular solo appearances, Amelia can be booked to appear with other instrumentalists, these being guitar, piano, erhu and pipa.

A favourite for Chinese New Year celebrations, Amelia is also well suited to corporate functions, weddings and feature performances.

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