Stiletto Sisters

Is there enough passion in your life?   How long has it been since you spent an evening with three glamorous gypsy girls whose only desire is to whip you into a frenzy with their instrumental virtuosity and then cause you to swoon with the beauty of their vocal harmonies? 

The Stiletto Sisters have been wooing audiences in their home town of Melbourne, for the past twelve years with their seductive blend of Hungarian gypsy, tango and love songs from around the world.   Led with breathtaking virtuosity by Hungarian trained violinist Hope Csutoros (My Friend the Chocolate Cake) the trio features as well the dynamic piano accordion playing of Judy Gunson (Cosmo Cosmolino) and the wonderful talents of
Jo To (Book of Mormon) on double bass.  

The Stiletto Sisters perform with extraordinary emotional range from extreme delicacy to blazing intensity and more than a touch of humour.  Stiletto Sisters’ performances do come with a health warning:  the velvety seduction of their 3-part harmonies on Latin, Yiddish and Hungarian love songs has caused many to faint with delight!  

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