Lady Midnight

Lady Midnight is a swing band featuring three-part vocal harmonies accompanied by two instrumentalists. They perform swingin’ jazz standards, as well as songs from musicals, blues tunes and classic hits immortalised from other vocal trios such as the Boswell Sisters.

Lady Midnight bring their own modern twist to many classic tunes; they recreate modern pop tunes and also compose original works. All songs are presented like you’ve never heard them before. `The arrangements are quite cheeky and slightly sneaky, that’s the way I like them.’ – Ali (vocalist/arranger/composer).

With an ongoing repertoire of originals written by singer Alison McLaren, you will feel at ease with how relatable these modern jazz tunes are to you. The music encompasses the modern woes of lady life all the while fashioned in that irresistible golden age of yesteryear. They’re sure to get your legs jitterbugging, your hearts melting and your grandparents reminiscing in no time.

Located in Melbourne, the 10-legged band perform at some of their favourite venues and cafes as well as being available for private functions. Young in looks but old at heart the band have been inspired by of course the Boswell sisters, the legendary Django Reinhardt, Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland and The Andrew Sisters.

You will feel a part of our fun as we invite the audience through the spark and charisma of Lady Midnight’s mischievous stage presence. They’re like the friends you never asked for but are thrilled to now have...

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